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Ginger & Menstrual Cramps

Is there a useful and effective connection between ginger & menstrual cramps?

As it turns out, ginger is one of the healthiest and simplest home remedies for period cramps.

A good way to use ginger at home for period pain is to boil it in water to make a simple ginger tea.

The method described here only takes a few minutes. Please make sure that you are not allergic to ginger before using this and similar home remedies that involve the ginger root.

Is Ginger Good for Menstrual Cramps?

It is a well known fact that relieving period cramps is one among the many health benefits of the ginger root. It might take a few hours until it shows an effect, since it is counted among natural remedies, and not to the medicinal products. All in all it depends on how strong you make the tea, meaning how much ginger you will actually use.

Fresh ginger in combination with brown sugar is used by the Chinese as a folk medicine for relieving the common cold, however it is also very effective for relieving menstrual period cramps. Here is how you can prepare ginger tea at home yourself to get some pain relief during that time of the month:

How to Make Ginger Tea for Menstrual Cramps

Things you need: a small pot, a bowl of water, a piece of ginger, and a piece of brown sugar cane (or just sugar if you don’t have sugar cane).

Directions: First pour the water into the pot and turn on the fire. Then throw in the ginger and the sugar and let it boil. You can take a spoon and help the sugar dissolve into the water.

After turning off the fire, pour the ginger tea into the bowl and let it cool down a little before you drink it. Don’t wait too long, as it is not as effective when it is too cold.

If you want to know about many more effective and simple home remedies for period cramps take a look at the Natural Period Pain Remedies Report.

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